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Dramatically Different From All Other MRIs

The magnetic field strength of the FONAR UPRIGHT® Multi-Position™ MRI (also known as the Stand–Up® MRI) is 0.6 Tesla. At 0.6 Tesla, it is categorized as a “Mid-Field” MRI. Most “Open” MRIs (all of them recumbent–only scanners) operate at 0.3 Tesla.

Many equate magnetic field strength to image quality — the higher the field, the better the image. All other things being equal, that is a fair statement. In fact, however, all other things are not equal, meaning that in comparing one MRI to another, field strength is only half of the story.

The magnetic configuration of the UPRIGHT® MRI is dramatically different from all other MRIs, both High-Field MRIs and so-called “Open” MRIs. As a result, the UPRIGHT® MRI is able to use both solenoid and planar RF receiver coils. No other MRI can do this.

MRI Comparison Chart

This explains why the UPRIGHT® MRI’s 0.6 Tesla images are competitive with 1.5 Tesla High–Field MRI images. Here is the explanation of why the magnet configuration of the UPRIGHT® MRI is advantageous:

A Fundamental Principle of MRI:

The RF receiver coil achieves maximum sensitivity when its axis of symmetry (yellow arrow) is perpendicular (90 ) to the direction of the magnetic field (green arrows).

coils axis of symmetry chart

The UPRIGHT® MRI has a unique magnet design, which allows it to employ this principle in two ways. The patient is positioned between two vertical poles so that the magnetic field transverses the body in the left-right direction (green arrows) This unique design allows both flat planar and solenoid (“wrap- around”) coils to be used separately or in combination (in quadrature).

The UPRIGHT® MRI Can Use Flat Planar Coils (just like High-Field MRIs) :

The UPRIGHT MRI Can Use Flat Planar Coils just like High-Field MRIs


The UPRIGHT® MRI Can Use Solenoid (“Wrap-Around") Coils (which High-Field MRIs can’t):

The UPRIGHT MRI Can Use Solenoid Coils which High-Field MRIs can´t)