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Stand-Up MRI of Brooklyn, P.C., located in Park Slope, is equipped with The Stand-Up® MRI. The unique physical configuration of the 0.6T Stand-Up® MRI (a product of FONAR Corporation) makes it the world's most Patient-Friendly™ MRI and also the only MRI that can scan patients in any position, allowing it to detect certain problems that would be underestimated or completely missed by any other type of MRI.

For Patients

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Stand-Up® MRI
  • No “Tube”, “No Tunnel”
  • Most Patients Watch TV
  • Detects Problems Other MRIs Can´t

For Physicians

Benefits of Stand-Up® MRI

  • Not Just for Claustrophobic Patients
  • Bed Rotates From Recumbent to Upright
  • Weight-Bearing, Flexion & Extension Spine Studies


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