Centralized Management Services

HMCA's centralized management services contribute significantly to the success of its clients.

Centralized Management ServicesFacility Staffing

HMCA is responsible for recruiting, training and evaluating all non-medical staff, For clients in New York, HMCA provides all non-medical staff, including site directors, office managers, receptionists, insurance verifiers, and marketing personnel. In some cases HMCA provides MRI technologists for Florida sites.

Radiology Support

HMCA provides the latest PACS equipment in support of 1) facility-based radiologists, 2) a team of radiologists situated in Melville, New York, and 3) radiologists who read remotely via teleradiology. All radiologists are highly-qualified and board-certified. Many are sub-specialized in neuroradiology and musculoskeletal imaging.

The administrative team ensures that the interpreting radiologists are provided, in a timely fashion, all pertinent patient history/information, referring doctors’ instructions, and the accompanying diagnostic images. When radiologists interact with technologists, referring physicians, or other healthcare professionals, the staff facilitates by collecting any information that radiologists might need.

The administrative staff basically communicates with and supports site personnel and the radiologists to ensure that referring physicians receive accurate and timely reports.


HMCA utilizes both in-house (Melville, NY) and contracted transcriptionist services. Patient reports are typically faxed to referring physicians. Reports, along with the corresponding images, are also available on-line via a secure referring physician portal. Upon a referring physician’s request, sites provide reports and images on CDs or film.

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Billing and Collections

All patient and insurance information is collected at the facilities. The information is then securely transmitted electronically (HIPAA-Compliant) to HMCA headquarters in Melville, New York. Once the information has been fully verified and the services properly coded, claims are generated and submitted for payment, either electronically or by regular mail. All claims are tracked until final resolution.

All standard types of medical billing are accommodated, including Medicare, Medicaid, No-Fault, PIP, Workers' Compensation and commercial insurances. HMCA provides its clients with a variety of standard and custom reports, including Aged Trial Balance Reports (ATBs) and Payer Mix Reports.

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Credentialing and Contracting

HMCA supplies comprehensive credentialing/contracting services, including the gathering and maintenance of all pertinent documentation necessary for the completion and submission of applications on behalf of all clients’ physicians and/or facilities, including initial credentialing and re-credentialing for Medicare, Medicaid, TPAs, commercial plans, etc.

Additionally, as a result of the size and quality of HMCA's client base, the credentialing/contracting team has established long-standing, successful working relationships with many health care organizations and payors.

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Human Resources

HMCA provides all Human Resources functions, including non-medical staff recruiting, record keeping, payroll, 401(k) plans, health insurance, voluntary health programs, Workers' Compensation coverage, and other employee benefits and programs.

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HMCA plays an integral role in assisting clients with the development and implementation of marketing plans and strategies; designing and producing informational/promotional materials; and creating print, radio and TV ads.

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HMCA is well versed in regulatory requirements, including those of AHCA, ACR, HIPAA, OSHA, etc., and is experienced in assisting clients in the establishment and implementation of policies and procedures necessary to meet them.

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HMCA provides the equipment and supplies at every client facility. The company maintains national accounts, participates with GPOs, and benefits from high-volume discounts, enabling it to pass cost savings on to its clients.

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On behalf of its clients, HMCA provides bookkeeping services, manages accounts payable, collects information for tax filings and audits, and prepares budget and financial reports, including balance sheets, income and cash flow statements, and variance analyses.

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Office Management

HMCA's implementation of proven operational policies and procedures helps its clients' offices run efficiently and cost effectively.

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HMCA provides a full array of reports designed to measure the effectiveness of the billing & collections effort and to pinpoint problem areas. HMCA also provides referral source analyses to assist clients in developing and implementing marketing strategies.

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Information Technology (IT)

HMCA provides and supports all systems necessary to service its clients, including RIS, PACS, Physician Portals, Billing & Collections, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, HR, Accounting Systems, and outsourced solutions. IT also provides and maintains all of the computers at client facilities and all of the department computers at HMCA headquarters.

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