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Comprehensive MRI of White Plains
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1.5 Tesla MRI Scanning

Our 1.5 Tesla MRI scanner utilizes a premium platform delivering both exceptional performance and superior image quality.

It is well known that increasing the magnet´s field strength yields the additional signal-to-noise necessary to drive MRI protocol flexibility, and the ability to rapidly switch the gradient magnetic fields provides the power to implement cutting-edge techniques acquiring neurovascular, orthopedic, abdominal and cardiovascular images. In addition, advanced MRI applications can enhance imaging speed, resolution and contrast.

The High-Field Advantage

High-Field MRI is recognized as the most advanced MRI technology currently available and we are pleased to able to complement the unique positional capabilities of the patient-friendly 0.6 Tesla Upright Weight-Bearing MRIs in our network to offer an unparalleled selection of MRI scanners for our patients and referring physicians.

The Perfect Complement To The Stand-Up® MRI

High-Field MRI is the perfect complement to the Patient-Friendly™, Multi-Position™ Stand-Up® MRI.

  • Unique Diagnostic Capability

Equipped with a bed that can rotate the patient from the recumbent (lie-down) position to an upright (sitting of standing) position, the STAND-UP® MRI is the only Position-of-Symptoms MRI and Weight-Bearing MRI. Certain anatomical regions of the body are very sensitive to position and gravity. For example, patients with lower back problems are often most uncomfortable when in a particular weight-bearing position. Whatever that position that creates the symptom(s), that´s the position in which the patient should be scanned in order for the diagnostician to assess the full extent of the patient´s problem.

  • The Most Patient-Friendly™ MRI

The overwhelming majority of patients scanned on STAND-UP® MRI are in a seated position watching their choice of programming on a large TV. Since there is nothing immediately above the patient´s head or in front of the patient´s face, the rate of claustrophobic rejection is nearly zero percent. It is not unusual to hear of patients travelling hundreds of miles to the nearest STAND-UP® MRI center. The STAND-UP® MRI can also accommodate very large patients who simply can´t fit into other MRI scanners, as well as patients who are physically unable to lie down, such as kyphotic patients.

The Stand-Up (R) MRI